A family effort for success

Morgantown’s Irene and Caroline Riggs play a role in each other’s motivation
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Published: Sep. 30, 2022 at 12:28 AM EDT
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - Towards the end of the summer, 5 Sports’ Casey Kay had the chance to talk with two Morgantown athletes that have taken the state and country by storm with their athletic abilities. Finding success isn’t the only thing they share, but it’s certainly contributed to each other’s motivation.

Being one of the best in the nation is hard enough, but sisters who hold that title is pretty unheard of. Morgantown seniors Irene and Caroline Riggs went their separate ways in their respective sports around the time Irene picked up running,“We already do some many thing similar so tis nice to have our own little sports to not be compared with each other,” said Irene RIggs.

Both Mohigans need no introduction, Irene is a four-time West Virginia Gatorade Player of the Year, two in Cross Country, two in Track and Field. Her success has only picked up throughout this fall’s cross country season.

For Caroline, she won every event she swam at last year’s state meet, bringing home four state titles in her junior year alone. A big part of both the sisters drive and competitiveness has been seeing each other’s success,“We’re always just happy for each other so its like a good competitiveness if that makes sense, were always just pushing each other to do the best we can,” said Caroline Riggs.

After graduation, Irene has committed to run at Stanford while Caroline has committed to swim at Yale. It will be the first time the sisters will be apart at length throughout their athletic careers, “I mean were definitely gonna be on the phone with each other every day especially at first it’ll be an adjustment so i think being able to talk and tell each other what were doing will motivate us a little bit,” said Irene Riggs.

The Riggs are an athletic family and it’s been the mindset they have towards athletics and competing that has played a large role in how the two have reached an extremely high level while still maintaining the love for their sports.

“One thing our family focuses on is before races we just talk about to have fun rather than to have the end goal of a specific time or make sure its your best time or make sure you win or something and I think that’s always been a good thing because rather than like too much pressure on the end results its more about having fun in the race and knowing that you worked as hard as you could,” said Caroline Riggs.