Local business empowering women by themed photoshoots

Published: Sep. 30, 2022 at 4:50 PM EDT
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FAIRMONT, W.Va (WDTV) - Black Sheep Productions is a local business that started out at something fun, but turned into something so much bigger. They team up with professional photographers, videographers, makeup stylists, and hair stylists for themed shoots.

Ashley Anderson, Skyla Nicholas, and Ashley Cale are all co-owners of Black Sheep Productions.

They held a themed photo shoot in Fairmont at 304 Collective on 700 Morgantown Ave.

Anderson said they are all about empowering women to feel more confident in themselves.

“We are empowering women by way of theme and stylized events. We bring in women from our area and give them the opportunity to be models for the day. We pride ourselves in being very inclusive with ages, sizes, color, and bring in any women from our community that are ready to feel that way.”

Anderson said this is a unique opportunity for women that isn’t usually offered in this area.

Nicholas says all the women support each other and are guided through the shoots. She said this is important for them to be more comfortable during the process.

“Whenever a woman walks into one of our events, they are greeted with the biggest hype squad. All of the women hype each other up during hair and makeup through the photoshoots. They’re guided even though they don’t really know how to model before, we guide them through everything so whenever they leave here, they’re not only leaving with more self-confidence but friends. "

Cale said she sees a lot of women on social media with negative perceptions about their body image. She said she found her purpose being able to see women open up during the shoots and leaving more confident.

“We hear a lot that I’m not pretty enough, or I don’t look that part, I’m not a professional model, I’m too old, I’ve never done this before. We want that representation you are beautiful.”

“Today on social media you are usually only shown the perfect Instagram model. We’re trying to break that stigma and show that everyday women, mothers, wives can also do this and feel beautiful, and we wanna show them what they look like in that same light.”

If you are interested in being a model for them you can go to their Facebook page for updates on how to apply.