Bridge Sports Complex Athlete of the Week - Elkins’ Addyson Cogar

Elkins girl’s soccer has lost only one game in 2022
Published: Oct. 3, 2022 at 6:01 PM EDT
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ELKINS, W.Va (WDTV) - In the pouring rain and frigid elements last weekend, the Elkins Tigers cruised to a 10-0 win over Lewis County in girl’s soccer. It gave them their 10th win of the season. For the year, the team has only lose one game, an early loss to Charleston Catholic. It’s a distinct turnaround from last year’s team that lost three of its last four games to end the season in 2021.

“We hae had a very good season,” said sophomore forward Addyson Cogar. “Last year we had a turning point where we hit and went backwards a little. This year, we were able to keep going forward. This game (Lewis County) is a little booster for our upcoming week which will be a little bit more difficult.”

Addyson Cogar
Addyson Cogar(WDTV)

Addyson Cogar is a sophomore forward for the Tigers, a player that helps lead the team’s attack from the center forward position. Her role is unique, she’s simultaneously a leader of the team while also being someone who looks up to her fellow players.

“It’s really cool to have people look up to you in a way that I look up to them,” said Cogar. “It’s cool to be a leader for the team, especially only being a sophomore. When you score goals and they get excited for you, it’s a different feeling. It’s really cool to be with this group. We’re very close and I like being a role model.”

Elkins Soccer
Elkins Soccer(WDTV)

The story in Elkins this season has been the new turf field. This season is the first season on turf for the Tigers. They’ve yet to lose a game at home. Despite the rain on Saturday, dozens of fans sat in their cars or under umbrellas to watch the match against Lewis County. To Cogar, the support showcases an investment that the community has made in its student athletes.

“It’s awesome playing with the new turf field and having a field like this,” said Cogar. “It’s a lot of excitement, especially how we’ve performed when we are out here on the turf. Having people out here to watch us, knowing that they helped with this, is pretty cool.”

Elkins Soccer
Elkins Soccer(WDTV)

As Cogar and the Tigers continue to rally through their schedule, the team is currently ranked first in the Big 10 region. While huge matches are coming up this week, the team’s communication on the field could be a difference maker for the tigers en route to a potential playoff run.

“This team means a lot to me,” said Cogar. “I love this group of girls, we are so close. We’ve been together for a while, not just for school ball, but for travel and different sports. We’re just a really tight knit group. Kind of like a family.”