Hinton’s sinkhole problem is growing

The sinkhole that once measured 6ft wide now appears to be 10 times the size.
The sinkhole that once measured 6ft wide now appears to be 10 times the size.(Taylor Hankins)
Published: Nov. 14, 2022 at 5:48 PM EST
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Hinton’s sinkhole problem is growing.

In August the hole measured at 6 feet wide, now it appears to be ten times the size.

The hole has caused the Hinton Police department to relocate

“Behind us you can see it’s swallowing the front of our building. My crew is here to get some bids on demolition work to see if that’s even possible right now or if its just too dangerous to do that.” said Hinton City Manager Chris Meadows.

Meadows also said the Department of Highways placed a new pipe in the hundred-year-old culvert after being alerted the of the situation in June.

“That huge steady rain we had Friday was just too much and it has collapsed and almost as you can see behind me it’s getting ready to where it’s going to close the road.” said Meadows.

The road is the only one that can bring kids grades 6 through 12 to school.

“When you put a lot of kids on a bus, that’s a lot of weight. We have concerned bus drivers as well as concerned citizens about the safety of our kids getting to and from home.” said Summers County Superintendent David Warvel.

Students in grades 6 through 12 will remote learn until the situation finds a solution.

“Until engineers tell me otherwise we’re going to go with safety first and be cautious. And see how this weather on Tuesday pans out, which is coming tonight. I don’t know what that’s going to look like at this point in time.” said Warvel.

The school system is considering alternate routes or maybe even an alternate building if the road situation gets worse.

Route twenty is maintained by the Department of Highways.

“We expect that we’ll hear something this week as to when the DOH is going to be able to make some movement on this.” said Meadows.

The DOH will hold a press conference tomorrow in Hinton on the issue.