Fairmont Senior wrestling dominates North Marion with nine consecutive wins by fall

Results from the night, scoring system, and more about wrestling inside
Published: Jan. 17, 2023 at 11:53 PM EST
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FARMINGTON, W.Va (WDTV) - Fairmont Senior wrestling displayed its dominance against North Marion, winning nine consecutive matches by fall to take the overall meet as a team.

Full Results from Tuesday’s matches:

113 Class - Bryce Nichols (FSHS) - win by forfeit

120 Class - Triston Willis (FSHS) - win by forfeit

126 Class - Will Stewart (FSHS) vs Noah Hess (NMHS) - Hess wins by decision, 18-6. (Hess: 2 takedowns 4, 3 near falls 8, 2 escapes 2, 2 reversals 4)

132 Class - Jason Walker (FSHS) vs Cole Liggett (NMHS) - Walkers wins by fall, fall time 0:47

138 Class - Dominic Armistead (FSHS) vs Thad Tennant (NMHS) - Armistead wins by fall, fall time 0:23

144 Class - Hunter Spitznogle (FSHS) vs Evan Currey (NMHS) - Spitznogle wins by fall, fall time 0:17 (tied for fastest of night)

150 Class - Kolbie Hamilton (FSHS) vs Landon Carnes (NMHS) - Hamilton wins by fall, fall time 0:32 (Hamilton undefeated on season)

157 Class - Gavin Michael (FSHS) vs Gavin Cool (NMHS) - Michael wins by fall, fall time 0:33

165 Class - Alex Naternicola (FSHS) vs Cameron Craig (NMHS) - Naternicola wins by fall, fall time 1:01

175 Class - Andy Mines (FSHS) - win by forfeit

190 Class - Germaine Lewis (FSHS) vs Hunter Craig (NMHS) - Lewis wins by fall, fall time 5:39

215 Class - Dylan Ours (FSHS) vs Kevin Ramsey (NMHS) - Ours wins by fall, fall time 0:17 (tied for fastest of night)

285 Class - Brennan Matheny (FSHS) vs Chase Hickman (NMHS) - Matheny wins by fall, fall time 0:59

Scoring explained:

Team Points: Fall = 6, Forfeit = 6, Tech Fall (15 point win margin) = 5, Major Decision (8 point win margin) = 4, Decision (7 or less point win margin) = 3

Individual Match Scoring: Takedown = 2 points, Escape = 1 point, Nearfall = 2 or 3 points, Reversal = 2 points, Fall/Pin = automatic win, Technical/Penalty = 1 point to non-offender

Takedown - action of taking opponent to the ground after throwing them off-balance

Escape - action of getting out from underneath opponent after a takedown

Nearfall - action of pinning both shoulders to the mat for more than one but less than two seconds or by holding both shoulders to within two inches of the mat for at least two seconds

Reversal - action of repositioning from defense to offense in a single movement from bottom to top

Fall/Pin - action of pinning both shoulders of the opponent to the mat for two seconds, results in an automatic win