Family of murder victim still searching for answers

Published: Jan. 26, 2023 at 5:29 PM EST
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MERCER COUNTY, W.Va. (WVVA) - Jan. 26, 2023 makes one year since 23-year-old Jaydon Brown was gunned down and killed at an apartment complex in Princeton. Jaydon Brown’s family says they will not give up on the process of holding those accountable for his death. Investigators say there have been no arrests for his murder but say the case is far from being considered cold.

“I want justice for my son. I’m never going to let it get swept under the rug. I don’t care who likes it, doesn’t like it. Call me the police, this has nothing to do with my children. That was my son and I want justice for my son,” said Jaydon’s mother Joscelyn Brown.

Joscelyn Brown says she thinks about her son every day. She believes her son was lured out of his apartment and then was shot and killed outside his Princeton apartment complex. She adds she and her family think the shooting was personal because Jaydon’s body was riddled with twelve bullet wounds. Jaydon Brown’s fiancé, Danielle Brofford is also continuing to fight for answers and justice.

“We obviously can’t find closure until justice is served for him. It just feels like we’re at a standstill. It’s been 365 days and it just seems unreal,” said Brofford.

Mercer County Sheriff’s Department detectives are in charge of Jaydon Brown’s case. They say it’s far from being cold but with a lack of witnesses and surveillance videos, the process is taking longer. Lieutenant Steven Sommers says they’re relying on search warrants for electronic data to get any sort of evidence.

“We have to be right every step of the way. So we have to ensure that the case is developed in such a way so that when we do get enough information and probable cause to make an arrest that it can be seen through to a conviction,” said Sommers.

When Jaydon Brown was killed, his son, who is also named Jaydon, was only eight months old. This year, little Jaydon turns two, and his family wants him to always remember who his father was.

“He’s a good kid. I mean none of us are perfect by any stretch of the imagination and if you say you are, you’re lying. We all have flaws, he was a good kid. All around good kid you know. He didn’t bother anybody,” said Jaydon’s great aunt, Beverly Crenshaw.

“I’m gonna let him know how much he loved him. We’ve got videos that he’ll know how much his daddy loved him. He loved his baby so much. We want justice, a lot of people didn’t like him but a whole lot of people loved him,” said Joscelyn Brown.

Lieutenant Sommers says they’ve already interviewed between 15 and 20 people for information about Jaydon Brown’s death. He’s encouraging anyone with information to contact his office. He adds that information can be relayed to them anonymously.