BPD investigating counterfeit money incidents involving 4 suspects

Published: Feb. 6, 2023 at 10:39 AM EST
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This article comes from our media partners at Connect Bridgeport.

BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - An ongoing investigation involving incidents of passing counterfeit money has expanded and involves multiple suspects on more than one day, according to Bridgeport Police Detective R.L. “Rebecca” Morrison.

Morrison has acquired more video footage from the incident with better pictures. She is hopeful the community can assist in identifying all or any of the suspects involved in the case. Both incidents took place at the White Oak’s Wendy’s.

The first incident took place Jan. 25 and the second one on Jan. 30. Morrison believes at least one of the suspects might be involved in both cases.

In the Jan. 25 case, two females and a male passed counterfeit money. In this particular one, a red SUV is utilized, but the plates are unknown.

“One female is wearing what appears to be a pink colored surgical mask, a white or very light colored jacket, a pink hooded sweatshirt, and gray sweatpants, and black and white Nike shoes, and has long hair,” said Morrison. “The other female is wearing black pants, black crop top shirt, and a black jacket. She has a purple headband and some sort of black colored cloth over her hair, grayish colored shoes, carrying a black and brown louis Vuitton purse, holding a cell phone in her hands, possibly a right-side collar bone tattoo (unknown tattoo design).”

Morrison also had a description of the male.

“The male is wearing a black or dark colored New York baseball cap, a dark colored jacket, dark colored pants with red stripes down the sides and dark colored New Balance shoes. He is wearing a brace on his right wrist,” said Morrison.

Morrison said there is another male in the SUV who eventually comes into the Wendy’s. However, his photo is not included due to the fact he is not seen with the group passing the counterfeit currency.

On the Jan. 30 incident, the vehicle involved is a gray Jeep Grand Cherokee. The driver, said Morrison, stays inside the vehicle the entire time, but the female exits the vehicle and goes into Wendy’s.

“The female is wearing a black zip-up long sleeve hooded crop-top shirt, black pants, pink Crocs. She’s got a black headband on and wearing a black cloth over her hair, on her phone making calls and texting, carrying a LV (Louis Vuitton) purse that’s brown/black in color,” said Morrison.

The police do have a license plate on this vehicle, which has been seen on social media. The vehicle is a rental and Morrison said there is a name affiliated with it. The issue is they do not know if the name is the same as a driver and, because of that, won’t release the name at this time.

“He never gets out of the vehicle so it cannot be determined who the driver is at this time,” said Morrison.

Morrison is going through additional steps locally and with the rental car agency as the investigation progresses.

If you can identify anyone shown in the photos, contact Morrison at her direct line at 304-848-6147, or you can call the main line during business hours 304-842-8260. Morrison can also be reached by email.


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