House Call: Healthy Eating on a Budget Pt. 1

Updated: Feb. 17, 2023 at 5:34 PM EST
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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - Welcome back to UHC’s House Call on WDTV. Michelle DuVall with the clinical nutrition department at UHC talks about helping you eat healthy on a budget.

1). People often think that it is much more cost effective to buy less nutritious food rather than nutritious food. How can you eat healthy on a budget?

The key to eating healthy is to plan your meals for the week based on your food budget.

  • Make a grocery list. This will help you to save money by buying only what you need, and it will help to keep you from buying impulse purchases (which are typically more expensive).
  • Look for cheaper vegetables/fruits based on what is in season.
  • Find ingredients that you can use for more than one dish
  • As an example, select vegetables that can be used as a side dish one night and thrown in a soup the next.

2). Can comparison shopping really make a big difference in your grocery budget?

Absolutely. You can become a savvy shopper by comparing and reading labels when doing your grocery shopping.

  • Locate the “unit price” on the shelf sticker near the item price.
  • Compare different brands and sizes for the best money-savings option. Often, the store brand is the real bargain.

3). What are some ingredients that can help all of us to stretch our food dollars?

The following suggestions will bulk up your meals and make your food dollars go farther. You will also reap the benefits of extra fiber, vitamins, and nutrients while feeling full.

  • You can buy less expensive ingredients such as beans and substitute it for meat. In certain recipes like chili, spaghetti, or burgers, beans make a great alternative.
  • Adding canned or frozen vegetables, will bulk up your meals. Typically, it will provide enough food to have leftovers; therefore, saving you money.