Popular restaurant chain coming to Lewis County

Published: Feb. 17, 2023 at 4:43 PM EST
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JANE LEW, W.Va (WDTV) - People in Lewis County are going to be seeing an IHOP coming to town soon.

It will be located off the Jane Lew I-79 exit across from the Jane Lew truck stop.

They’re renovating the restaurant that had been there since 1985.

Ray Smith is the Executive Director of the Lewis County Economic Development Authority. He said they’re all excited to bring a restaurant that’s nationally known.

Smith said not only is it going to bring people off the interstate, but also benefit the entire county.

“Well, the biggest thing is getting people to stop in Lewis County. Now the restaurant in Jane Lew, like I said, was in business for over 30 years and was a great restaurant, but when going down the interstate, it was not a name to bring them off. So, when you see IHOP at this exit in Jane Lew they’re going to pull off.”

Smith said they will also have tourism stuff there to give people the chance to enjoy everything else in Lewis County.

People in the community are already getting excited for the popular breakfast place.

Chris Hefner lives in Lewis County. He said it’s a good idea because so many truck drivers stop at the Jane Lew truck stop, and this way they can grab some breakfast while they wait.

“I know this is a big area because of that truck stop that’s over there. So, having a place where people can kind of come in and sit down at breakfast hour that’s going to be really handy for a lot of truckers that are coming in this way.”

Earlier this month, a county commissioner said in a Facebook post that a Big Lots and Starbucks are also coming to the county, but officials told 5 news they can’t confirm this as of this article’s publication.

Some people have voiced concerns that the influx of big chains might impact the smaller local businesses in the area.

Smith said an estimated 30,000 people drive through Lewis County. He said these big chains gives the community a chance to grab them.

“It’s always a concern. You know, we got chains versus locals because we want, like all businesses, economic development, but again, it’s about getting people to stop. If you do have a good reputation of being a restaurant and that stuff you do attract locals.”

A Par Mar Stores spokesman told 5 News they hope to have the IHOP open in mid-March.