Donations flood in as dog recovers from being shot in the face

Published: Mar. 2, 2023 at 2:58 PM EST
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PARSONS, W.Va (WDTV) - A silver lining is emerging after a horrific case of animal abuse in Tucker County.

The Tucker County Animal Shelter says a dog was found in the woods tangled to a tree with a gunshot wound to its face.

Dog found with gunshot wound, Tucker Co. Animal Shelter accepting donations

A veterinarian said it appeared whoever shot the dog, which has been named Brendan, likely put the gun’s muzzle directly up to its face before pulling the trigger. TCAS called the shooting a “failed execution.”

Since the shooting, Brendan has been undergoing surgery to remove metal fragments from his body.

Despite the gruesome wound, a shelter employee told 5 News Brendan is expected to recover.

The shelter took to social media Wednesday asking for donations to cover Brendan’s $1,500 vet bill.

As of Thursday afternoon, more than $8,500 had been donated. The employee said the extra money was enough to cover all of the shelter’s outstanding vet expenses.

The Tucker County Sheriff’s Office is still investigating the shooting and anyone with information is asked to call them at 304-478-2121.

Pending the outcome of the case, Brendan will be available for adoption.

While Brendan’s expenses have been covered, TCAS is still in need of donations to help with a new facility.

You can donate by clicking here.