Bridgeport City Council postpones vote on policy change that would allow alcohol at the Citynet Center for special events

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Published: Mar. 13, 2023 at 10:31 PM EDT
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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - Bridgeport City Council voted to postpone an update to their policy regarding the sale and consumption of alcohol on city property.

The changes were directed at the Citynet Center.

City Manager Brian Newton explained that the city had requests to hold corporate events and other similar gatherings at the Citynet Center.

Newton added this change in policy would allow them to have alcohol only for these events, not on a daily basis.

“We’ve got requests for other activities. This is not day to day. We don’t intend to sell alcohol day to day. That’s not what this is for. This is for special events,” Newton said.

Councilman Jeff Smell was the one that motioned to postpone the vote on this issue.

He explained that The Bridge brought diversity since its start and thought they should focus on that path instead of moving in another direction.

“Incorporating pickleball, lacrosse, cheerleading, just to name a few. These are in my humble opinion, the events and the right path for success and staying diversified. MMA and other events that require or at least recommend alcohol in that facility is not the same route,” Smell said.

Councilman John Wilson agreed that The Bridge’s foundation was sports and exercise.

Wilson said he thought that’s where they needed to continue their efforts.

“I’d like to see us make certain that we are answering the need. The sports needs, tournament needs, the facility needs before we start diversifying into corporate outings or wedding receptions,” he explained.

Newton said that he would send council the markups he made to the original policy and any other changes for this potential policy update.