Clarksburg restaurant with decades of history reopening

Published: Mar. 16, 2023 at 10:18 AM EDT
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This article comes from our media partners at Connect Bridgeport.

CLARKSBURG, W.Va (WDTV) - A Clarksburg restaurant that specializes in ice cream is reopening under new ownership.

Toni’s Ice Cream got its start in 1965 and has sat vacant after closing in 2021, leaving many to believe its run was over.

Three Clarksburg natives, Paul Howe III and brothers Adam and Aaron Barberio, have acquired the business located in the Adamston section of Clarksburg.

Howe said the restaurant will reopen April 17.

“We’re excited to bring it back,” said Howe. “We think it’s a winner.”

Howe detailed how he and the Barberio brothers bought the business.

“Aaron and myself are friends with the former owner, and we approached him and the time was right,” said Howe. “We’ve acquired the building, the equipment, and everything that was part of the business. We’ve also added some new equipment and have upgraded two of the ice cream machines.”

Ice cream, the key part of the name and the signature for the restaurant, brings up one key question. Will black raspberry still be on the menu?

“Black raspberry will be back,” said Howe with a laugh. “We’ve looked at the menu and it will be similar, and the ice cream will be the same recipe used in 1965 when the Tarantino family opened it up for the first time.”

The menu will feature a multitude of ice cream items. Toni’s will also continue to serve plenty of food items as well.

“People will be able to get their ice cream or food by drive thru or walkup,” said Howe. “We plan to do some upgrades with a new menu board, an outside speaker and other things that we have in the works to speed things up.”

Howe said Toni’s Ice Cream will be open seven days a week. Although hours have not been set yet, he plans on being open by at least 11 a.m. on weekdays with a potential different opening time on weekends.

“We plan to stay open late enough to accommodate everyone,” said Howe.

Adam Barberio brings food business knowledge to the table. Howe said he will be relocating his food truck business, Missing Link Sausage Company, from South Carolina along with his family.