House Call: Healthy Eating on a Budget Pt. 7

Updated: Mar. 31, 2023 at 5:35 PM EDT
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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - Welcome back to UHC’s House Call on WDTV. Michelle DuVall with the clinical nutrition department at UHC talks about helping you make simple, healthy swaps or additions to your meal. We will focus on vegetables as March is National Nutrition Month.

1). Besides the traditional ways that we think of incorporating dairy into our morning routine, what other ideas can you suggest?

Remember that eating or drinking dairy products offers health benefits, such as building and maintaining strong bones. Start your day by using reduced-fat cream cheese instead of butter on toast, bagels, or English muffins. You will not only cut calories, but also fat.

2). Is there a way to increase the amount of dairy in your diet by adding it to foods?

About 90% of Americans do not get enough dairy. Most people would benefit from getting more fat-free or low-fat dairy. A couple of ideas would be to add Greek yogurt to your smoothies, fruit salads, or even baked potatoes as a topping. Do not forget skim or low-fat milk—it is great for cereal, smoothies, oatmeal, coffee, tea, or on its own. Drink lactose-free if you are intolerant or look for fortified milk alternatives if necessary.

3). What are some great dairy snacks to consider?

Try park-skim mozzarella string cheese as it is portable, full of protein, and certainly delicious. Cottage cheese is also great as a snack, and it is a great source of protein, too. If the texture is not something you enjoy, you can puree the cottage cheese in a blender or food processor to make it smoother. Dairy Group foods provide nutrients that are vital for the health and maintenance of the body. These nutrients include calcium, potassium, vitamin D, and protein.