Glenwood School has tortoise day celebration

Published: May. 23, 2023 at 6:14 PM EDT
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BLUEFIELD, W.Va. (WVVA) - It was tortoise day at Glenwood School and students learned about a variety of reptiles thanks to Snook’s Wings & Things in Princeton. Snook’s sells and educates people about exotic animals.

Fred Browning is the co-owner of Snook’s Wings & Things. He says a few animals in his store were neglected or surrendered due to the owners underestimation of the commitment it took to care for an exotic pet. Browning adds the main goal for this event was to teach children not every pet is the right pet.

“We want children to be able to have reptiles but be able to understand it does take a commitment. A lot of these are life time pets. Just like the sulcata tortoises with the race today. You’re talking up to 150 years in some cases and up to a 200 pound reptile,” said Browning.

Students asked questions once they learned what it takes to take care of reptiles like tortoises and snakes. One teacher here says her classes’ pet tortoise, Milo, came from snook’s, leading to Browning’s event here with the kids.

“It was something I had always been curious in and when they had their grand opening I held him and I just thought he was adorable. He’s really been a big hit here at the school ever since,” said Misti French.

Some students brought their own pet tortoises to showcase and the reptiles even raced. One opponent was Shelley, Princeton Public Library’s tortoise. It was a slow-paced race that put learning on the fast track.

“It’s been real exciting. We get to see kid by kid at the library be excited about Shelley but it’s been so nice to see a whole school all at once be excited. She got best dressed but she came in last place in the race,” said Princeton Public Library Clerk, Madison Sears.

“They have been counting down. They have made posters. They’ve been chanting through the hallways. It’s been a big event for them,” said Glenwood School Social Worker, Jordan Stuart.

The winner of the race was snook’s four year old tortoise named Tickle. But this event put smiles on virtually everyone’s face.