Fleming family looks to continue keeping Gretchen’s name alive

Gretchen Fleming’s family continues to hold out hope six months after she was last seen.
Fleming family looks to continue keeping Gretchen’s name alive
Published: Jun. 6, 2023 at 7:30 PM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - “Just numb, upset, angry. Frustrated I think is the big word,” David Fleming said. “Just the unknowing and deciphering in my head what could have happened. And just trying to find an end to it.”

Gretchen Fleming was last seen in the early morning of December 4th leaving the My Way Lounge. Eight days later, Gretchen’s father, David filed a missing person’s report.

Ever since the missing person’s report was filed, there have been multiple ground searches – banners, signs and a billboard have been put up – and a press conference announced the reward for information on Gretchen increased to $100,000.

David Fleming said this is all to continue keeping Gretchen’s name in the public.

“I think as a family we kind of feel helpless right now,” Fleming said. “And it’s a big waiting game. So, that’s our bit of what we can do is keep spreading her word, put signs out there, keep the reward out there. Let people know that we’re not giving up. This isn’t going to go away. We’re going to keep it in the forefront until we find answers and figure out what happened to her.”

David said a lot of this case is still a waiting game. He said a lot of this is because of getting back evidence from the W.Va. Crime Lab.

“From what I gathered, I mean, of course I want it done now. I know they are working on it. I know they are short-staffed, and I know they do need to do their due diligence. And we have to give them the time to be able to have the time to do their due diligence,” Fleming said. “I don’t want to rush them through it. So, I don’t want them to do it just to be doing it. But it is frustrating. But I do understand, and I have to be patient.”

The family’s next move in keeping Gretchen’s name alive is with the I.D. Channel series “Disappeared.” Which focuses on missing person’s cases and speaks with families and investigators.

Fleming said, “Just putting the word out there that it can happen to any family, and you really just have to pay attention to be aware of your surroundings. I never thought we’d be going through this. And for a national show to want to do something with us and help promote it even more. And keep the word out there and the heat on anyone that’s involved. It’s very kind of them.”

“And just so the person or people or whoever is involved in it knows, we’re not going away,” Gretchen’s stepmother, Jennifer Fleming said. “We are going to keep marching forward. Whether it’s with the show ‘Disappeared’ or the national news or whoever, Dateline. Until we get to the bottom of this.”

If you have any information on Gretchen Fleming’s case, call 304-424-1072 for Detective Zimmerman or 304-424-8444 for after hours.

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