Kids leave Clarksburg Splash Zone with sore feet

Published: Jun. 9, 2023 at 10:24 PM EDT
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CLARKSBURG, W.Va (WDTV) - Parents of children that recently visited the Clarksburg Splash Zone shared on social media that their kids left the pool with sore feet.

One mother said her son and a friend had been playing in the pool and didn’t realize until they got out that they had blood on their feet.

“They said that they felt kind of some rough areas in the pool but didn’t realize how bad it was until they were getting out of the pool. My son’s toes were bleeding a pretty decent amount,” Amanda Udell said.

Another parent had a similar incident.

“My little girl comes and says, Mommy, my feet hurt. I’m bleeding, and I’m looking, and she had these tiny, almost like rug burns but a cut too at the same time,” Jessica Pennington said.

Udell said she was grateful for the help she received from staff to get her son’s feet bandaged up.

“The female manager that was on duty was really great about rushing over with the first aid kit, getting both kids cleaned up. She used some antiseptic spray, some gauze bandages. Everything first aid-wise they handled. I couldn’t have asked for them to do better,” she explained.

She added that they’d already been back to the Splash Zone, and the problem seemed to have been fixed.

However, Pennington said she had a different experience.

“In my opinion, they seemed to know about this. I can’t say for sure but the way they talked seems like they knew about it,” she said.

Pennington added that her daughter was still in pain a day later.

“Why do your feet still hurt? You know, could this have been a chemical burn from pools in the chemical, or are her feet really just that sore? You know we still don’t know they still have spots on their feet,” she explained.

The City Parks of Clarksburg posted this on Facebook on June 5, “The Splash Zone will be closed Wednesday, June 7, the Lagoon will be closed today and tomorrow. Unfortunately, we don’t know what’s going on with the surfacing, and we are bringing in the plaster specialists to have it checked. If you have water shoes, bring them! We are so sorry for any inconvenience.”

5 News reached out to the parks on Friday for comment and didn’t receive a response.