Gretchen Fleming’s family discuss law enforcement outsourcing evidence to outside agencies

For more than seven months Gretchen Fleming has been missing, her family is looking to keep her name and investigation active.
It's been almost eight months since Gretchen Fleming went missing
Published: Jul. 18, 2023 at 8:02 PM EDT
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PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (WTAP) - Gretchen Fleming went missing on the morning of December 4th after being seen last at the My Way Lounge in Parkersburg.

The investigation is being headed by Parkersburg police who are outsourcing forensics and evidence to outside agencies. Gretchen’s dad, David said he believes this will take the case in a positive direction.

“We started bringing in some outside agencies now that are going to be involved and looking at this case,” David Fleming said. “So, I think that’s a very positive move too. I can’t talk about in detail what they are doing. But they are outside agencies that are now going to be involved. And I think this is a very positive step.”

Gretchen’s stepmother, Jennifer said Parkersburg P.D. is continuing to communicate and update the family as much as they can. She added the department is dedicating many hours to this case every day.

“I think they’re treating it as if it was their own family member. I think they are putting in that much effort,” Jennifer Fleming said.

Along with law enforcement, businesses and people in the community are helping Gretchen’s family. “Discount Signs and Awnings” is donating 500 bracelets with “Bring Gretchen Home” written on them to spread awareness.

There are also signs, t-shirts and a billboard on Grand Central Avenue to try to help find Gretchen.

“You can’t drive around this town and not see a reward sign for Gretchen and explaining that she is missing and that we’re looking for any kind of information,” David Fleming said. “Some people have got some Facebook pages out where you can see ongoing conversations going on there – people following the case. Just people coming up and ask me, ‘Can I put a sign on my yard? Can I put a sign on my business? I want to keep her name out there.’ It’s very overwhelming and we’re very grateful for that and we appreciate the community’s support.”

David said he is starting to worry about the worst possible scenarios as another month goes by with no sign of his daughter.

“So, now as we’re approaching the eighth month factor... the realization is starting to hit that maybe something happened to her,” David Fleming said.

You can call 304-424-1072 for Detective Zimmerman or 304-424-8444 for after hours if you have any information about the case.

Detective Zimmerman said, “Gretchen’s case is still being actively pursued and the communication between Parkersburg P.D. and the Fleming family is still strong. And digital evidence is being analyzed.”