WVU Faculty Senate votes no confidence in Gee, WVU releases statement

Published: Sep. 6, 2023 at 10:34 AM EDT
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MORGANTOWN, W.Va (WDTV) - The WVU Faculty Senate held a vote Wednesday afternoon to vote on two resolutions, including a vote of no confidence in President Gordon Gee.

In the vote, 797 members voted yay, while 100 voted nay and 8 votes were invalid.

The vote comes after WVU’s Faculty Senate Office received a petition Aug. 25 to convene a meeting to consider the resolution of no confidence.

Following the vote, WVU released a statement from Taunja Willis-Miller, Chair of the WVU Board of Governors, saying the challenges the university is facing are not unique to WVU.

Below is the statement in its entirety:

The West Virginia University Board of Governors appreciates the faculty members who shared their perspectives at today’s University Faculty Assembly meeting regarding consideration of a no-confidence resolution for President E. Gordon Gee and a resolution calling for a freeze of the University’s Academic Transformation process.

We acknowledge the passage of these votes.

The Board of Governors unequivocally supports the leadership of President Gee and the strategic repositioning of WVU and rejects the multiple examples of misinformation that informed these resolutions. The University is transforming to better reflect the needs of today, and we must continue to act boldly. President Gee has shown time and again he is not afraid to do the difficult work required.

The challenges we are facing right now are not unique to WVU. The Board is determined to address the challenges head-on and directed the administration to address Academic Transformation. The Board maintains that we must do this work to remain competitive and relevant as we become an even stronger university.

Though the University has been working to maximize resources and improve efficiencies since 2015, the Board outlined specifically the need for academic transformation in December 2020. It is important to note that, although the structural budget deficit may have added to the urgency, this transformation process – particularly academic transformation – would still be taking place. We know the process is critical to ensure a strong future for the University, and we required strict timelines which the president and the leadership team are meeting. The Board of Governors will continue to work with university leadership, faculty, staff and students to move quickly and efficiently.

We do recognize that this is a difficult process. We feel for those who may be affected. We realize this is not easy and none of this was entered into lightly. We remain committed to the work of transforming this beloved University, and together we must continue to focus on our highest priority of educating our students and serving the people of West Virginia.

Taunja Willis-Miller, Chair, WVU Board of Governors

This is the second vote of no confidence against Gee since 2021.

Protestors have gathered outside the Creative Arts Center ahead of the WVU Faculty Assembly vote of no confidence in President Gordon Gee.

The Faculty Assembly will be voting at noon on a no confidence resolution on Gee and freezing the “Academic Transformation” process.

The meeting will be at the Clay Theater in the Creative Arts Center.

Stick with 5 News for the results of the meeting.


The West Virginia Faculty Assembly is set to meet at noon on Wednesday to vote on two resolutions, including a vote of no confidence in President Gordon Gee.

The other resolution involves freezing the “Academic Transformation” process.

Gee has been under fire from faculty for proposing program cuts and eliminating 169 faculty jobs in an attempt to lighten the blow of a massive $47 million deficit accrued by WVU.

The West Virginia Faculty Assembly will be meeting at noon at the Clay Theater in the Creative Arts Center to take up the resolutions.

Stick with 5 News throughout the day for results from the meeting.


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