Artificial Intelligence Experts Explain How West Virginia Can Utilize A.I in Health Care

Published: Sep. 12, 2023 at 11:15 PM EDT
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The capabilities of artificial intelligence are rapidly advancing every day.

But the question remains, how will A.I be used in the workforce, schools and health care?

Experts in the field spoke in front of lawmakers Monday to discuss how West Virginia should be using a.I and what positive impacts A.I will have on society.

“When it comes to medical records, you know A.I is freeing up doctors to spend more time with their patients. Because they don’t have to go through thousands of documents to understand the history of the patient. They can put in a keyword and in a matter of seconds have what they need at their fingertips.” Says Ryan Palmer from Microsoft.

How A.I will affect the workforce as a whole is a quintessential question for the future of our society.

Suj Perepa from IBM offered predictions from the World Economic Forum to help answer this question:

“The world economic forum has predicted in 2020, that in 2025 which is 2 years from now, that A.I will take over 85 million jobs from people.” Says Perepa.

While that may seem like a scary number. Suj makes it clear that A.I is not here to take every job.

She says, “We are still going to have professors, we are still going to have doctors and engineers so it is not going to impact every job. So instead of protesting A.I I feel we should embrace the value that A.I will bring.”

Educating people on the what A.I can do is something Amy Cyphert has been doing at the WVU law school.

She says that the use of A.I in schools and how A.I is taught in schools needs to start at the university level.

“We’ve been leading at WVU law, trying to produce the next generation of lawyers who understand the ethical, responsible, professional way to use artificial intelligence. And I think what’s really important is that universities take the lead on this topic.” Said Cyphert.

Amy also shared a message to lawmakers who ultimately play a role in how A.I is used in West Virginia:

“I think that what I’m excited about that this could really help us grow and develop a better society, but its all gonna come down to how we chose to use it and a lot of that will come down to how you (lawmakers) choose to regulate it.”