‘College Lunch’ reopens with goal to bring more business to Fairmont

College Lunch makes its return as city leaders say Fairmont is on an upswing.
Published: Sep. 14, 2023 at 4:14 PM EDT
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FAIRMONT, W.Va (WDTV) - After months of renovations, College Lunch in Fairmont is reopened, with a bit of a name change. Originally named College Lunch in the late 1940s, the Fairmont bar and restaurant added “2.0″ to the end of its name shortly after new ownership took over. Gregg Hrapchak bought the building earlier this year, enlisting local business owner Pat Mascaro to be a co-owner of the business. Mascaro says he wants to help things get back to how they used to be in Fairmont.

“When I came to Fairmont state there were a lot of bars, a lot of options, systematically that has gone away,” Mascaro said. I’m hoping we’re in an integral part of the start of that.”

According to Mascaro, Fairmont State University students just might be the key to that restart.

“I think Fairmont State students will embrace this place, and hopefully they stay in Fairmont and spend their money here,” Mascaro said.

Just over a five-minute walk from FSU’s campus to College Lunch, students now have a closer destination to hang out.

One student says convenience is everything, especially when comparing going all the way to Morgantown for a similar experience.

“Gas is almost $4 a gallon,” Dana said. “It’s 35-ish miles to get all the way to High Street, and by the time you’ve paid for an Uber if you’re driving, it’s super expensive versus $0 just to walk down the street. Plus, you get exercise, so you’re burning those beer calories off already. That’s pretty great.”

College Lunch makes its return as city leaders say Fairmont is on an upswing. Fairmont’s Director of Planning and Development, Shae Strait, says Fairmont is becoming a city of interest.

“There’s no better place in North Central, West Virginia with the amount of opportunities available,” Strait said. “Whether you want to be active in recreation, whether you want to be active in commerce, or whether you want a great quality neighborhood to live in, Fairmont’s the place to be.”