WVU Hosts “Vetreprenuer Pitch Event”: Allowing Veterans A Chance at $15k in Funding for their business

Published: Sep. 14, 2023 at 11:16 PM EDT
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Wvu hosted a vetrepenuers pitch event today.

Allowing veterans and military family members to pitch their product or service in hopes of receiving up to fifteen thousand dollars in funding.

The Vetreprenuer pitch contestants included five people who were either veterans themselves or military family members.

Each contestant was given five minutes to present and although they all could not share the final prize; they all share a similar experience.

“That to me just really makes me happy, knowing that these are veterans that one, transferred out of the military and they’re looking to do something with their lives”. Says Chris Grimes from Mountain Cajun Getaway.

Which is something that brought Jason Cyr to this event. After serving his time in the military he wanted to purse a career in something he was passionate about.

“23 almost 24 year veteran in the u.s army. i really enjoyed my time there. I used my G.I bill to go to grad school and get an exercise science degree. and its been a great opportunity for me to leave the army where i mentored soldiers to now coach and purse something i’m super passionate about”. Says Cyr.

Although the event mainly was comprised of vets. Aryaunna Mosley is the exception.

As a member of a miliary family she also decided to purse a career in something she is passionate about.

Propelled by the values she was taught at a young age.

“I was raised by an army veteran and i’m a proud West Virgina native. so it was the love, leadership and wisdom that was poured into me by my village, that inspired my to want to pour that into the rest of the world.” Says Mosley.

Having a village or network around is something Chris Grimes values as well.

Knowing that veterans need to stick together and this event was a catalyst for that.

“It’s an awesome feeling... as veterans we need to network together, we need to promote each other.”