Manchin Injury Law Hometown Hero: Jerry Hull

Published: Nov. 14, 2023 at 6:24 PM EST
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PICKENS, W.Va (WDTV) - This month’s Hometown Hero, sponsored by the Manchin Injury Law Group, is Jerry Hull, someone who does it all for one rural Randolph County town.

Small towns like Pickens need a jack-of-all-trades to help get things done. The town needs someone to volunteer at the fire department, to run the general store, to help out at school and even to drive the school bus.

For Pickens, that person is Jerry Hull. For his efforts, Jerry has been named this month’s Manchin Injury Law Hometown Hero. For a low-key volunteer like Jerry, his reaction was predictable.

“A little embarrassed,” Jerry said. “I don’t do this for recognition. Anything I do, I do it for the kids. I’m here for the kids.”

For Jerry, the love of community has been a family tradition.

“I’ve lived here all my life. I want my town to survive. I want the school to survive. My mom, she did everything she could to help other people and that boiled down to me. I enjoy it. I love seeing the smiles on the kids faces. That’s what I do it for,” Jerry said.

Tonia Tiffner is a teacher at Pickens School. She says that Jerry helps get things done at the school.

“He treats all the kids like his own,” Tonia said. “When we go on field trips, we can count Jerry as a chaperone. He comes and interacts with the kids and helps us out with that. Our community is very thankful to have him.”

It’s that interaction with the kids that’s important to Jerry.

“This day and age, the kids are struggling,” Jerry said. “The kids don’t always have somebody to talk to or just to basically be a friend. They like seeing a smiling face in the morning, somebody to recognize them, somebody to talk to them as an adult. I enjoy the kids, I really do.”

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