West Virginia students can receive free tutoring online

Tutor.com is now available for free in WV and to GEAR UP SWV students.
West Virginia students can receive free tutoring online
West Virginia students can receive free tutoring online
Published: Nov. 15, 2023 at 7:31 PM EST
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ATHENS, W. Va. (WVVA) -As students in the Two Virginias near the end of the first semester of the year, there’s help available for kids who may be struggling to make the grade. One website is hoping to help those students, and if you live in West Virginia, you may be able to get these services for free.

Tutor.com is a website that helps connect students to tutors remotely. While normally the cost to use this site could go up to one hundred dollars an hour, thanks to a partnership between Tutor.com and the state of West Virginia, this service is provided for free to all West Virginia public library patrons. It’s available from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and can help with things like homework, preparation for the SAT and ACTs, and job search assistance. You can find more information at TutorWV.com.

However, for some counties in our viewing area, this service could get even better. The federal program GEAR UP Southern West Virginia is providing an upgraded version of this service to seventh or eighth grade students in Mercer, Monroe, Raleigh, Summers, and Wyoming County. This upgrade will have all-day access to Tutor.com as well as individualized tutoring. Kristen O’Sullivan, the director of GEAR UP SWV says this service is a “game changer” for parents of children moving into tougher classes like algebra one.

“...I don’t use algebra on a daily basis at my job. And in order for me to help my own children, I had to seek help elsewhere, and that’s really hard in Appalachia when there’s not things... readily available when your child has problems with a math problem at nine o’clock, ten o’clock, one o’clock in the morning when they’re studying for a test,” says O’Sullivan.

GEAR UP SWV students can sign in to Tutor.com by going to Tutor.com/GEARUPSWV.

This isn’t the first time Tutor.com has been used in the state. Concord University students have access to the site as well.