Vintage Market kicks off holiday shopping in Fairmont

Published: Nov. 19, 2023 at 6:23 PM EST
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BRIDGEPORT, W.Va (WDTV) - Everything vintage is in Fairmont this weekend, bringing heirloom pieces into the modern day. A variety of items are for sale at the market, ranging from small figurines to big furniture for your home.

Jen Hoke, creative entrepreneur explained what the market has the offer.

“For those of you that are IKEA shoppers, it will be like a vintage version of that,” Hoke said. “So, we’re trying to bring that into modern, younger families where they can sustain pieces overtime not the throw away furniture thing that’s happening right now.”

Hoke works at the vintage market and says every item is one of a kind and deserves to be cherished. Nothing is worth throwing away, you just have to get more creative to give it a new meaning.

“Some of these pieces you see are so crazy unique because you’ll never see them again, that’s it, like once they’re gone, they’re gone,” Hoke said. “So, every piece has a different story, it could be something from going to a sale and it catching your eye or you need to add to something so you look for that piece; it could be a crazy trash pickup, it can be like driving down the street, which we’ve all done, and you see that pile and you’re like in reverse lets go. So, its just a story, its just what our eye takes us to and how we think we can get people to incorporate into their fresh, modern lifestyles, young families, that’s the goal.”

The market will be open on November 25th and December 2nd through the 3rd.

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