Taylor County Humane Society Receives New Donation Box From Local Boy Scout

Published: Nov. 20, 2023 at 10:50 PM EST
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“We really appreciate it because we have a lot of people that like to donate, but they can’t get here at the time we’re here”

The Taylor County Humane Society does great work providing shelter and care for dogs before they find a new home.

But receiving donations for these furry friends was one problem they had been facing. So Connor Lewis of the Troop 6 Boy Scouts in Grafton decided to help out.

“Most people would get off work and they would come down to donate and they wouldn’t be able to because nobody was here at that time. So having a way to drop off donations, even without the dog word in here is very helpful and very important for the getting the pups fed.” Lewis says.

Along with food and treats, president of the Taylor County Humane Society Kelly Marshall explained other items that can be donated.

“Can be other things besides food, it can be blankets, treats and all those cleaning supplies that we need scrubbers, all of that is found on our list. And those are things that can be put into this box.” Kelly Marshall.

Connor Lewis is in the process of becoming an eagle scout and he decided this donation box would be his eagle scout project.

However, he tells me the reason for doing this, comes from his deep appreciation for the humane society and says he’s just grateful for all the work they do.

“Just the connection that we have with the humane society as scouts we do help them with certain things like we have helped them before in the past. And I’m just grateful for the humane society in general in our community because they do a lot of good for the animals and the people”