Tasty Tuesday: Apple Annie's Bakery

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV) - Apple Annie's Bakery has only been open for a year, but in that short time they've gained a loyal following.

Cupcakes at Apple Annie's Bakery.

"Oh, it's awesome; homemade food that's baked fresh everyday, the lattes are awesome and the service here is just great," said Steve Teets, a regular customer.

The bakery is the "little sister" to the original Apple Annie's restaurant in Point Marion, Pennsylvania.

"We've been to the one in Point Marion and we enjoyed it; when we heard they had one in Morgantown we wanted to try it and I think we will be back," said Warren Wilson, a first-time customer at the bakery.

When Peter Padula and his brother bought the restaurant a couple years ago, they decided to bring Apple Annie's to Morgantown.

"We bought it up there [in Pennsylvania] and noticed that most of our customers were from Morgantown, so we opened up a bakery here last year," Padula said.

The brother's use simple, fresh ingredients for their timeless, homemade recipes.

"Some of the recipes are from us, growing up, that we made in our own kitchen," said Padula.

Each day, the bakers whip up fresh dumplings, pies, cookies and various other baked goods, as well as coffee and ice cream.

At Apple Annie's Bakery, their mission is simply to make every customer feel at home.

Padula said, "We want to give them something similar to what grandma would make that and we think it has a quality that no one's ever seen before."

For the upcoming football season,the bakery is offering 'tailgate trays' with an assortment of baked goods for game day. The owners say that eventually, they would like to sell their treats in stores.