Tasty Tuesday: Atomic Grill

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MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (WDTV) - "I want it to be real food. Food that people can touch, smell and feel," said Aleksandra Glotko.

An assortment of dishes at Atomic Grill.

The food at the Atomic Grill is as real as it gets. The farm-to-table restaurant has been serving locally sourced meat and produce since 2013.

Customers say that the fresh flavors can't be beat.

"It's delicious and I like that fact that it's all local," said customer Linda Hickman.

Another customer, Donna Brooks said, "Everything that they prepare is great."

Aleksandra Glotko took over the 4-year-old restaurant in April of this year. She says her upbringing and her travels are what inspire the food she serves.

"I was born in Russia and came here when I was 10. I'm very fortunate because my mom traveled a lot and she was a great cook," she said.

Glotko continued, "I've been very fortunate to travel and eat some amazing food."

In the kitchen, the chefs prepare everything fresh daily and are creative with their recipes.

Take the brisket, for example, which is the brain-child of Chef Casey Shaffer. Shaffer re-imagined Atomic's old brisket recipe and the meat is leaner, juicier, and packed with more flavor than ever.

Shaffer prepares the locally sourced brisket by covering it with a dijon-mustard glaze to hold in the meat's moisture.

Then, he pours a mixture of brown sugar and other spices over the brisket and rubs it in for maximum flavor.

After that, the brisket smokes for ten hours before it is served. The entire process that goes into the brisket is a serious labor of love.

The menu also includes an assortment of burgers, barbecue and unique appetizers. At the bar, they serve a selection of local beer and wine.

Not only does Glotko care about the quality of the ingredients, she also cares deeply about her staff.

"Food takes love and passion to create. I want to make sure that my team is passionate about the food and in order for that to happen, they need to be happy," she said.

The Atomic Grill has acquired a loyal following over the years. Glotko says that she looks forward to increasing that following by keeping some traditions alive, while bringing in new flavors of her own.