Tasty Tuesday: Russ' Ribs

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KINGWOOD, W.Va. (WDTV) - Over 20 years ago, Russ Goines started cooking ribs in a hand-built smoker.

Barbecue ribs get a finishing layer of sauce.

"We built this cooker and it worked like a charm. So I'd cook on the weekends and the food became very popular," Russ said.

People loved his food, so last year he decided to open a restaurant and called it Russ's Ribs.

"The ribs are fantastic and those au gratin potatoes; we do it all ourselves, not from a mix," said Russ' cook, Charlie Taylor.

The restaurant serves traditional home-cooked barbecue and old-fashioned sides like potatoes, greens, and coleslaw. Russ and his staff just want people to feel like they're at home.

"You can come here and feel comfortable," said Russ.

Russ says that the key to good barbecue isn't time, but temperature.

"Between 195 and 205 degrees," Russ said.

The Kingwood-native has a constant crowd in the door.

"I really like it and I've even had him cater for my work," said Russ' long-time friend, Scott DeWitt.

"It's very good and you get a generous portion for the price," said customer Barbara Castle.

Russ has big plan for the rib joint, including installing a concert stage. He wants his restaurant to be a place where the community can gather and have a good time.

Even though Russ has won several awards and can count famous West Virginians Bob Huggins and Joe Manchin as customers, he remains humble about his business and food.

"Just come in, relax, and enjoy what I do," Russ said.