2 arrested after deputies say house was found "uninhabitable" for 2 children

Bay County Arrest Report: January 2020
Bay County Arrest Report: January 2020(WJHG)
Published: Jan. 17, 2020 at 2:45 PM EST
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Two people were arrested after the house they were living at was found "uninhabitable" for them and the two children living there, deputies said.

According to the criminal complaint, Grafton Police officers went to the 400 block of East Main Street for a welfare check Thursday. Grafton Police Department received an anonymous tip about Donald Marks, 34, Suzanne Connors, 34, and Connors' two children living in a house without water and what appeared to be "gross neglect."

When deputies arrived at the house, they say they noticed several used mattresses stacked up against the outside of the porch, as well as several trash cans full of different items to include house insulation.

The front porch had a pile of different items throughout it, with a pathway to the front door, deputies said. They spoke with Connors and Marks and agreed the officers could come in.

Connors told deputies they couldn't get the water on because of reasons with the City of Grafton and they were using jugs of water to flush the toilet, do dishes and wash with.

Connors' oldest child was at the house, deputies said. Her youngest was at school.

There were plastic totes stacked up next to an electric heater in the living room, according to the court documents. Other items like records, an empty box and a full trashbag were laying on the other side of the heater.

Deputies went into the kitchen and found dirty dishes piled up on one side of the sink, the table covered with items and items lying on the floor. Some of the items appeared to be puppy pads with feces on them.

Dishes were lying on the floor along with empty jugs and numerous items in front of the microwave, according to deputies.

In front of the refrigerator was a rug, according to the complaint. Deputies removed the rug and found a hole in the floor with two board pieces laying on top of it.

A piece of the ceiling was hanging over top of the table, deputies said. The floor in the kitchen was sticky and dirty.

In Marks and Connors' bedroom, deputies found ceiling tiles missing, as well as ceiling slats hanging down. The room was also packed full of items around the room.

Deputies say they found a dog in the bedroom.

When deputies went to check the bathroom, they noticed a strong smell of feces and urine. Deputies said the toilet had not been flushed.

Deputies found a dog kennel with items stacked on it in front of the shower.

Deputies say they checked the room where the oldest child was and found it packed full of items with pathways to the two beds. The ceiling had leaks dripping from them.

Child Protective Services was called, according to court documents. A CPS worker already assigned to Connors and Marks arrived to the house.

The CPS worker said the conditions of the house got worse compared to the last time she was there, according to deputies.

Deputies say there has not been any water at the house since Aug. 2018.

The City Building Inspector and Code Enforcement Officer were called to inspect the house, court documents state. They said the house was "condemned and deemed uninhabitable for human occupancy to the dilapidated and filthy conditions along with no running water."

The child in the house was taken by CPS.

Deputies took Marks and Connors into custody.

Marks and Connors have been charged with child neglect. They are being held at Tygart Valley Regional Jail.

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