25th annual Fall Fest ready to kick off

Fall Fest 2019 ready to kick off Tuesday night.
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MORGANTOWN, W. Va. (WDTV)-- "We always say in Arts and Entertainment that we peak on the first day," said Kristie Stewart-Gale, the Marketing and Advertising Manager for WVU Arts and Entertainment.

This year, marks the 25th year that Arts and Entertainment has put on Fall Fest. Final preparations are in full swing and first year students are excited to start their Mountaineer journey.

"Make new friends, meet new people, so I'm kind of excited. It's a step closer to being a Mountaineer," said Tiffany Tooker, an incoming freshman.

On Friday production crews began setting up the stage piece by piece.

"The gates are getting built, the food fest vendors are is getting put together, the stage is going up behind me. We're making sure that we're ready for band load-in tomorrow, so when they bring their equipment and they plug it into the sound system that everything's going to work just the way they need it," said Stewart-Gale.

Stewart-Gale says Fall Fest is an iconic start to the new school year and finding the right performance line up is key.

"We're trying to please 30,000 students. What we do is we ask them what genre of music do you like the best and then we go from there and try to bring in the best act who's available within that genre."

John Bellion, Gucci Mane and Louis the Child will be taking the stage.

"I'm very excited to see all of the performers, especially Gucci. He's definitely my favorite, I screamed a little when I saw that he was coming," said incoming freshman, Alyssa Watson.

Over the years, the concert has evolved. A big adjustment was moving the concert from downtown campus to here, but another new element is bringing everything together.

"We've seen food fest added to it, so now we have a true festival," said Stewart-Gale.

"A lot of people enjoy it, especially the food fest. That's why I'm going, I like the food," said Tooker.

It's inevitable, one band just might sing good ol' Country Roads.

"One of these bands is going to sing Country Roads and that is absolutely the epitome of the event," said Stewart-Gale in excitement.

For those who aren't students, you can expect traffic and loud music from 5-9:30 p.m.