3-D scanners could cut time spent in airport security lines

HARRISON COUNTY, W. Va. (WDTV) - Last week, the Transportation Security Administration made an announcement that they will be implementing the use of 3-D scanners in airports nationwide.

Shawn Long, deputy airport director at North Central West Virginia Airport (CKB) says this security tool will make going through security quicker and easier for passengers.

"3-D scanners really becomes a bigger convenience for the passengers," said Long "They won't have to take out their liquids, which will really expedite the process and cut down on wait time,"

In addition to not having to remove liquids from luggage, passengers will be able to keep their laptops in their bags and their shoes on their feet while going through security.

This cut down on wait time will be especially important for local airports, like CKB, that have limited space and staff.

"[At] bigger airports, like Pittsburgh, there are many lanes. Here, we do only have one lane and for a majority of passengers, they do have to take their shoes off, take their liquids and laptops out," said Long

CKB's lines could be growing longer as they plan to start offering 20 different flights a week this summer.

TSA plans to start putting the scanners in use this summer and hopes to get them into use nationwide by 2020.

"We haven't heard yet from TSA when it will actually get here but when the time comes, it will definitely be an impact to us," Long said