3 dead in string of school bus crashes around U.S.

(CBS) -- The front end of a yellow school bus was smashed in. It collided, head-on, with a semi truck. Police say the truck was headed the wrong way on Interstate 74 between Bloomington and downs Illinois. The bus was carrying a high school freshman girls basketball team.

Both a volunteer on that bus and the truck driver were killed. Other passengers were rushed to area hospitals.

Earlier yesterday morning, in Indiana, a 13-year-old boy was killed and another student was injured when this flatbed truck slammed into a school bus carrying kids on a field trip. They were headed to see a Christmas musical.

"Here in this area, we've just had some tragic, tragic stories here of late involving school buses and it's heartbreaking," said Sgt. Ted Bohner, ISP.

Those two crashes follow a fatal school bus wreck on monday in Arkansas. Video shows the bus lying on its side in a ditch, tire tracks running off the road. Police say in this crash,a child was killed. Dozens more injured when the bus rolled off an interstate off-ramp.