5 News: Committed to You - Road Problems in Shinnston

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SHINNSTON, W.Va. (WDTV) - According to locals, this section of Pine Bluff Road in Shinnston has been collapsing for several years.

Dangerous road conditions on Pine Bluff Road in Shinnston.

They say that it's been patched up, but never completely fixed.

"I think it's very dangerous," said Connie Peyton, "I'm surprised there hasn't been a major accident there."

Peyton continued, "They keep putting signs up and doing temporary fixes, but nothing has been done permanently."

Bad weather makes the road even worse.

"In the winter, it's really bad; ice builds up and sometimes you can't even get through," said Shinnston resident Richard Allen.

Due to safety concerns, the school bus no longer drives on Pine Bluff. Instead, parents have to drive to a different location a couple miles away to get their kids off the bus.

"It's very inconvenient and sad that the parents have to transport their kids to one location because the bus can't come over. I don't blame the bus driver; they shouldn't be traveling over it because it is that dangerous," Peyton said.

"If parents have a job, it makes it difficult to come after their kids and they have to send someone," said Judie Moore.

Moore continued, "There's cars parked up and down waiting on the bus; people don't know why the cars are waiting, so they don't slow down."

Carrie Jones, a spokesperson from the division of highways, addressed the timeline to fix the road.

"Right now we're looking to have the money for a construction project that will stabilize the hillside; we're looking to begin that work late-August, early-September," Jones said.

Jones added, "We want to let people in that area know that this is a situation we have been monitoring and will continue to monitor because it is still active. When you have the hillside slipping above and the roadside slipping below, it is a big concern to us; we will continue to do what we can to make sure that we can keep that road open."

Locals say they want the road fixed as soon as possible for the safety of their families.

"I would like to see it done fairly soon before there is a major accident; I have children driving this road as well as myself, family and friends," said Peyton.