5 News Wants to Know: Apple vs. Android

BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV)- With cellphones a big part of our lives, Jay Martin wanted to find out which phones and products you prefer.

For Friday's '5 News Wants to Know' question, we asked people if they prefer Apple or Android and why? With both products offering different options for their products, we asked several people why the like Apple or Android.

"I prefer Android because it has a lot better UI interface software. It's just a lot easier to use," said Jared.

"Android because that is what I've had my whole life," said Jessie.

"Android to me is more open. You can do a lot more. To me, I like games and I like a bunch of other stuff you can do with Android, " said Ryan Wyckoff.

For some of the Apple users they enjoyed the simplicity and security that the product and company offers.

"When my phone gets stolen no one can go into it no matter how hard you try. You have to delete everything before you can unlock it," said Sonia Webster.

"It's easier and more reliable," said Dan, from New Jersey.

"The data storage incredible," said Mark, also from New Jersey.

Some differences that stand out for Android is customization and add-ons. The ability to download from other places besides Google Play.

iOS is known for being quick, clean and secure. They also have a simple layout and vibrant colors.