City Council discusses the possibility of term limits for elected officials

"HARRISON COUNTY", W.Va (WDTV) -- The topic of term limits was discussed tonight at the Clarksburg City Council meeting.

Members openly discussed with an audience how term limits for all elected officials on council could be an improvement to the council and ensure beneficial changes to the city.

The idea was brought up by some of the newer members to council who wanted to give more power to the people.

When put to a vote, 2 members voted against the notion while the other 6 voted in favor.

City Mayor, Ryan Kennedy says the term limits would serve as a guarantee for improvements to the city.

"We believe that no one should make being on council a lifestyle or a permanent job and so because of that we believe that term limits are very important, make sure there's constantly new blood coming through council with new ideas," said Kennedy.

Also discussed at the meeting was the proposal to change the date for city elections.

The new date would be the second Tuesday of May.

No final decision has been made and the proposal will be given a second reading at the next meeting.