A January day in the high 60's and people are loving it

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A January day with temperatures in the high 60's.

"I love it because it's nice and breezy and awesome" says 4th grader Katie Jones.

"Nice, warm weather brings people out" says Marion County resident Donald Rodetsky.

"We get to go outside and just have fun with our friends" says 4th grader Kate Blackwood.

After last week's freezing temperatures, today was a nice break from the cold, especially for those people who suffer from a sort of seasonal depression.

"It's definitely legitimate and it's real and people do suffer from it this time of year" says licensed psychologist Brenda Hinkle.

The warmer weather helps to revive our bodies, and the sun is the key to that.

"Get outside, get as much light as you can on days like this so it is going to help to alleviate that.

Getting outside and enjoying these mild temps is exactly what people are doing.

"I did my 3 mile walk outside, so I love the mild temperatures, yes" says Fairview resident Debbie Delaney.

"The sun was out so I got a little vitamin D, but today it's super warm, it's beautiful" says Fairmont resident Stephanie Sloubaugh.

Students love the warmer temperature because it means that they get to play outside.

"Maybe because we're not just stuck in the classroom at school, we get to go outside and play" says 4th grader Gia Grilli.

"I like it because all the snow is gone and we can finally play outside and play on the grass" says 4th grader Addison McCarthy.

This warm weather isn't going to last for long, but soaking up the sun now can lift people's spirits for a little.

"It can last a little bit and you know this isn't forever, so you want to really soak it up and enjoy it so it can last a few days through the cold" says Hinkle.