A fun fall acorn craft

Today we're showing you a fun fall craft that you can do with the kids and you can keep the finished product or give it as a gift. You’ll need some acorns, water-based markers, Elmer's glue, paper plates and some sand or potting soil.

Start by coloring the inside area of the acorn caps with a Crayola or water-based marker. Make sure you cover the entire area well.

Set the caps in a plate filled with sand or potting soil to hold them steady. Next, fill each acorn cap to the rim with Elmer's glue. The color from the markers will start to show up in the glue as it dries.

Let stand a day or two until dry. These little gems can have all sorts of uses. Once the acorns are dry use them to add interest and color around a holiday table centerpiece. Use them to fill the space around a candle or display them in a seasonal bowl.

You can also use the caps to add extra bling to a fun fall themed frame. Using your glue gun, just add the caps along with other nuts and acorns from your yard or the craft store.

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