A fix in the works to prevent Rt. 50 flooding

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - "When you work here every day and it rains, you do get a feeling of could it flood today? Ya know, sometimes it's here and sometimes its not," said James Boehler, who works along Rt. 50.

Year after year, Rt. 50 through Bridgeport gets washed with the flood waters of severe storms, wiping out roads, and destroying parts of businesses down the hill.

Boehler, who works at Sturdi-Built Storage at the bottom of the hill, remembers what happened after bad floods hit last July.

"Through here the whole street flooded. Speedway flooded. Flooded a fireworks stand. Picked up one of our buildings and almost put it in the Speedway parking lot. Even moved my car about 6 inches."

Mayor Andy Lang says there is a major collapsed pipe below McDonalds on the hill that is causing flood problems, and says fixing the pipe will be a huge undertaking because of how deep it's buried.

Until the pipes can be fixed, workers along Rt. 50 know they have to be ready for the worst.

"When it starts raining hard the only thing you can do is keep an eye on it. Because like I said, when it floods it floods real quick. And there's not much you can do.," said Boehler.

In the last year, the city has been in contact with the DOH trying to fix their drainage problems and repair pipes along the route to help with flooding.

Now, Mayor Lang says they're in the middle of a study that could kickstart those repairs.

"They're doing a water drainage study to see what all could be done, and how much water does come down there in peak storms," said Mayor Lang.

"They're working on getting that done, and once they do we're hoping we can work with them to some resolution to get storm drains fixed so when it does rain we don't flood out our businesses."

So far city officials haven't been given a time when the study will end and repairs could begin.