A look at Bridgeport's Levy Funds: Parks and Recreation

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HARRISON COUNTY, W.Va (WDTV) - Maintain, operate and improve. That's what levy funding helps accomplish for Bridgeport's Parks and Rec services according to Director Joe Shuttleworth.

The levy accounts for 10% of the Parks and Rec's budget, giving them $161,281 a year to keep their facilities operational.

"Our parks and our trail systems that are so popular in Bridgeport are all impacted by that," said Shuttleworth. "The swimming pool here is partially funded through that levy money."

The levy also helps the city maintain Main Street, which Shuttleworth says is a source of pride for many residents. But that too could be impacted if their levy funding doesn't come through.

"We're doing some major upgrades to the Civic Center this year with some outside stuff. You know, the flowers and banners that decorate Beautify Main Street are all things people see everyday and everyone enjoys and loves that could be impacted."

Levy funding will also go to the city's outdoor recreation complex to help support athletic events and make improvements like new fencing and sod. However, no money from the levy will be going to the indoor rec complex being built just next door.

"That outdoor facility alone has allowed us this last summer to host 15 travel baseball tournaments that brought people in from seven different states all over the east coast," said Shuttleworth. "That had a huge economic impact on our hotels and restaurants."

Residents can cast their votes for the levy on February 16th at the same polling place they used during the November elections.