A look at the future of shopping

(CBS) -- A digital mirror is giving shopping-and shoppers-a makeover.

“you can change makeup without actually applying," says Virtual Memory Mirror founder Salvador Nissi Vilscovsky.

Vilscovsky says the mirror also records a makeup artist’s application and sends it to your phone, so you have a take-home tutorial. It’s already in Neiman Marcus stores.

It’s one of hundreds of new, high-tech products at the National Retail Federation’s annual expo in New York, and customizing shopping is front and center.

Smart shelves – already in some Walmart stores – have led screens that highlight the preferences of repeat customers. And shopping carts may soon be updated with a fancy Focal tablet. It keeps a running tally of the cost as you toss in your items and flags good deals.

"If you’re in the beer aisle, it will show you only deals that are for beer. And it you’re in the shampoo aisle, it will show you all the deals for shampoo," says Focal Systeme CEO Francois Chaubard.

Chaubard says the tablet – hitting a few stores this summer - also works as a grocery store gps.

"There’s a search bar, and you can type “Cheerios,” and it will say 'you’re here, it’s there'. And it will give you."

And no more waiting in the checkout line. The idea here is to have roaming cashiers check your cart and swipe your credit card in just a few seconds.