A rise in overdoses occur across the country due to COVID-19

Published: Apr. 25, 2020 at 6:42 PM EDT
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As COVID-19 continue, a rise in overdoses is expected across the country, but the cofounder of SobberBuddy said there are ways to still cater to recovering addicts during this time.

“I think what’s most triggering is the isolation," Paul Brethen said. "I think that’s one thing many people are struggling with is that change that’s very uncomfortable,” he said.

Brethen said between being isolated and fear, this can cause negative results.

“There’s a lot of online help that can help you with this," he said. "There’s live meetings you can attend online, if you have a support group you can use Zoom, get a group together, have a time to meet so you can stay in touch," Brethen said. "It may not be the same as that physical contact, which is important, but at least you’re connected.”

For more tips or assistance you can visit yoursoberbuddy.com.