A slow moving frontal zone keeps rain in the forecast. Flooding will become a concern.

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BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) - A front in the area for multiple days in a row will keep rain in the forecast. Flooding will become a concern this weekend. Since we had about 3.00" of rain in many places over two days late last week, the ground is still saturated. With many days of rain in a row, the ground will not get a chance to dry out.

As of early Thursday, it will only take about 1.00" to 1.25" of rain in an hour to bring flooding. While these rates are unlikely before the weekend, the amount of rain it will take drops with rain falling. By Saturday, more rain will soak into the ground. A decent amount of rain will fall on Saturday into early Sunday and this should be enough for flooding in parts of NCWV.

The good news is that high pressure returns and the front moves east early next week. This will bring dry air, sunshine, and cooler temperatures. We will get a stretch of at least 3 days with no rain to give the ground a chance to dry and let our runs, rivers, creeks, and streams an opportunity to lower.