Alderson Broaddus University is helping students pay back their loans

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BARBOUR COUNTY, Wv. (WDTV) "It's really a hand up, not a handout. A student makes their loan payment and than, on a quarterly basis, they get reimbursed" says Vice President for Enrollment Management Eric Shor.

The program is the AB Advantage and it's designed to help students pay back their federal, private, and parent PLUS loans.

"One of the concerns for families is how are they going to pay for this, and if they have to make the investment in a loan, how's that going to impact the students future" says Financial Aid Director Amy King.

With the high prices of college tuition and low salary starting jobs, getting a college education can be a gamble.

"Student debt is an issue among a number of families and we're trying to be responsive to the needs of students. It's our way of helping out students and showing the value of the degree that they receive from Alderson Broaddus University" says Shor.

"A program like this allows the student to have a safety net so they can know that based on how much they earn starting out they can have a hand up to help them as they grow in their career" adds King.

Although the program is designed to be helpful, the AB Advantage doesn't apply to everyone.

"There's really three catches, one, they have to enroll and graduate from Alderson Broaddus University, they have to be employed at least 30 hours a week, and they have to earn less than $40,000 a year" explains Shor.

The program is going into effect this upcoming fall and the only complaint from students is that it won't help them.

"Unfortunately, I came in a little early, but for my brother, for instance, he's coming in next year, so I think that would be a great advantage for him" says freshman student Darius Smith.

"I feel it will help so many students because students, such as myself, I can't speak for other ones, I have had many problems when it comes to money, but other students, I feel, will definitely be very thankful because if I had it, I would be a thousand times thankful" says senior Julianna Bravo.

The AB Advantage is capped at $70,000.