AL tornado casualties identified

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BIRMINGHAM, AL (CNN WIRE) - Three people are confirmed dead in Pickens County, Alabama after storms devastated a neighborhood near Carrollton.

As Malique Rankin reports, the victims have been identified.

Tyrone Spain, Albert Barnett, and Susan Barnett died as a tornado tore through their neighborhood.

Pickens county Sheriff Todd Hall says Spain was in a separate home, but both homes are total losses.

"This is a terrible day for Pickens County, we've lost some of our citizens and at this time its an active search scene. Its been a devastating storm and people have suffered a lot of loss including life," says Sheriff Hall.

Larry Jones knew the three people who died.

"It was rough," says Jones

His own family survived but is sad that several of his neighbors lost their lives.

"I was down the street about two blocks in a mobile home and I heard a whistle blow and looked out the door and I saw the top was coming off the roof," says Jones.

After the storm passed, jones says he was the one to find the Barnett's.

"I was devasted, scared...After everything was over with and done with I got on the four wheeler to see who I could see," he added

The sheriff says dozens of first responders rushed to the scene, trying to save lives.

"The homes were completley destroyed, this was a devastating storm. And a powerful storm that these peole were subjected too. Family members were devastated and the community is devastated," says Hall.