ATV safety for youth riders

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Monongalia County.W.Va (WDTV) All terrain vehicles are quickly becoming all the rage in West Virginia

Although it may seem like a fun activity for kids to partake in, parents should know the rules, risks, and dangers that come with it.

Multiple accidents have been reported involving ATV's, the most recent one about the death of an 11 year old boy

ATV rider and salesmen, Brody Efaw says there are provisions parents can take when allowing their children to ride

"They've got certain adjustments on certain models where you can limit the speed of it, make sure the kid can learn what there doing and then turn the speed up a little bit more, get them used to what the feel of the ATV is", says Efaw

There's also a wide range of protection products to buy, such as goggles,chest protectors, gloves, and boots. But the main thing most forgotten is the helmet.

Efaw strongly urged the wearing a helmet saying, "i mean at a young age you got to have it on your bicycle, why wouldn't you have it on your ATV and dirt bike as well".

According to the ATV laws of West Virginia, a parent can face legal consequences if their child is without a helmet with their knowledge

it also states that any rider under 18 must have a certificate confirming their completion of a "vehicle rider safety course" and individuals under 16 must have parent supervision.

Riding an ATV can still be an enjoyable and suitable activity for kids, just as long as rules and regulations are obeyed.

If your paying attention to what your doing, you can get out have a good time, be safe while your doing it, says Efaw.