Additional sidewalks to come to Fairmont

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FAIRMONT, W.Va. (WDTV)-- Residents in Fairmont will soon see some more sidewalks, but it will take some time.

The city applied for a grant from the Division of Highways. Through this grant the city will be able to build and construct sidewalks in the Locust Avenue area by 2018. They then plan to apply for another grant and eventually expand the sidewalk through Country Club Road by 2019.

"I walk everyday. It is hard walking in the streets with traffic, so they need sidewalks there and many other places," said James McCullough.

Both of these roads are heavily used by walkers, runners, and students traveling to and from Fairmont State University. Many of you also told us you catch the bus in this area, but right now there is no safe place to stand.

Several businesses also said they are looking forward to the upgrades.

"My opinion is maybe it will draw some walkers into this plaza, not just for our business, but for the other surrounding businesses around the area. If they put in sidewalks more people will be able to use the area. We do have customers who come in daily and they do walk here so I think that it would be beneficial," said Megan Babich.

The goal is eventually to have the sidewalk run from Locust Avenue from Bell Run Road to Country Club Road.

"We are hoping by the spring that we will begin with Locust Avenue. Once we have everything designed and everything is permitted and you have a location of where to place the sidewalk, the actual installation doesn't take that long, probably within a couple of months," said Robin Gomez, City Manager of Fairmont.

The city will be working to hire an engineering firm for the project.

Along with the grant, they will also be using their tax increment financing money to install the sidewalk and help offset the cost. The Locust Avenue project preliminary cost is estimated around at least a million.