Jason Aldean returns to performing

(CBS) -- In Tulsa Thursday night, Jason Aldean threw a party. He played hit-after-hit for his fans- a stark difference from only 13 days ago. Aldean and his band were on stage performing in las vegas when a gunman opened fire on the crowd.

Thursday night was a return to normal for him, his fans and for those mourning the loss of so many innocent lives.

"…Since the Las Vegas thing, him going out in front of a crowd will help…" said Aldean fan Jenson Santino.

"…Everyday that goes by we think about 58 people that lost their lives. I don't really count that (bleep) that was doing the shooting as 59, I count the 58…"

Only three songs into his set, Aldean slowed it down, sharing a defiant message of unity and perseverance.

"…Even though sometimes the United States may seem really divided, like we're fighting with each other but at the end of the day this is the best country in the world…I want this not to be something that's gonna be a downer for the rest of the night. I wanna play this show for you guys, a show that the people of las vegas came to see and didn't get a chance to…" Aldean said.

Aldean also said getting in front of a crowd and performing is helping him move forward, and that kind of therapy will continue. There are 13 more shows left on his tour.