All 55 counties cancel school for Thursday

BRIDGEPORT, W. Va. (WDTV) -- It took several hours but all 55 counties cancelled class for Thursday.
Jefferson County was the last county to make the announcement.

Intersection of Court Avenue and East 3rd Street in Lewis County

The decisions came after teacher and service personnel union leaders said during a press conference earlier Wednesday evening that teachers should return back to school.

According to WSAZ, they said their goal was to get a pay raise bill introduced and see a promise to work on PEIA. When it comes to pay raises, the House passed a five percent raise for teachers, service personnel and state police. That bill now heads to the Senate. According to a press release, raises for other personnel will be dealt with in the coming days.

Governor Jim Justice issued an executive order to create a task force to create a plan for a permanent fix on PEIA for all state employees. Union leaders say that includes an agreement to hold a task force meeting before March 15.