Amazon recalling solar eclipse glasses

(CBS) -- It's being referred to as the Superbowl of the sky. The total eclipse next Monday will give Americans, like Pam Ledbury a rare chance to see a cosmic phenomenon. She bought this pack of eclipse glasses from Amazon to watch the celestial event.

"Thousands of us probably bought them because they are cheap," Ledbury said.

But days later she got this letter from the retail giant - recalling the potentially phony frames. The letter reads "We recommend that you do not use this product to view the sun or eclipse." …and also warns customers that inappropriate glasses can result in the loss of vision or permanent blindness.

"Be very very careful. The warnings that you hear are right," said Leonard Bates.

It's a lesson Bates learned the hard way. The 80-year-old permanently lost part of his vision when he watched his first eclipse at age 9.

"My right eye wasn't working right. There was a spot right at the center of my right eye, my focus that was just a blur."

Doctors are joining those warning of health risks if you don't have proper eye protection.

"It's so dangerous for people to look at the sun even for brief periods of time because you can cause permanent damage to the retina - we call it solar retinopathy and it's really very close to burning a hole in the retina," said Dr. Russell Van Gelder, spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology.

NASA has a list of reputable vendors selling certified solar eclipse glasses…to keep your eyes safely gazing at the sky.