An alternative to store-bought Valentine's cards

MOMSEVERYDAY -- "Soon the teachers are going to be sending home these classroom lists with all the kids’ names on it. All right, so let’s get these valentines ready for our classroom parties.

" Now when the kids are really little and they’re just learning how to write all their letters, sometimes the words get pretty big, so there’s not always space on these store-bought valentines to get their whole name on there so what we did is we would just take construction paper and scissors, we used the fancy scissors with the little scalloped edges –it’s always kind of fun, but you don’t have to. And then we'd cut the construction paper and then you’d have a much bigger space for them to get their whole name on there with their bigger letters.

"Once their writing improves then the store bought valentines are super cute, and we have little pens and this year we found some for my son that have the window clings and emojis, so that’s always fun for the boys. Happy Valentines!"